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            About Our Church...

 Organized in March 1909 with twenty-three charter members,
First Missionary Baptist Church began her ministry in South
Houston. Two lots were given the church by Western Land
Company, the company that surveyed and laid out the city.


        In 1911, a sanctuary with seating capacity of 300 was built.
        New members were baptized in Berry Creek which flows nearby. Sunday
        School rooms were partitioned off in the sanctuary, and the church office was   
        under the belfry. 

        The church grew steadily and established and sponsored three mission churches
        (East Haven Baptist, Airway Baptist, and Templo Bautista). All three missions
        eventually incorporated and became self-sufficient churches. During the years,    
        at least four members have served as foreign missionaries and many have
        surrendered their lives to the gospel ministry. First Baptist Church is grateful   
        to have a one hundred eight year legacy of missions and ministry in the com-
        munity of South Houston.The church is also excited about its future. The church
        has become more involved in working with the city, local police and fire 
        departments, and local schools in order to minister more effectively to its
        community and its surrounding areas



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