Weekly Schedule

Sunday Morning
9:15    Bible Study (all ages)
  10:30    Worship Service
               Children's Church
               Preschool Bible Fun
9:15    Worship Service
  10:30    Bible Study

Sunday Evening
   5:00    Student Bible Study
              (gr 7-12)
Wednesday Evening
    6:00   Prayer Meeting
              Youth Bible Study
              RA's  (grades 1-6)
              GA's  (grades 1-6
              Mission Friends -     


Fall Festival
October 31

Begin bringing
candy &
begin praying for
this special community

Church Staff

Interim Senior Pastor
Carey Froelich

Minister to Spanish

Julio Vasconcelos

Minister of Music
Sandy Borrego

Office Manager
Delia Rodriguez

First Baptist Church
315 Georgia
PO Box 77
South Houston, TX 77587

Phone 713-946-5944
Fax 713-946-5947



 Strategic Plan 2017 Meeting October 1

 Our church will come together to discus our
 future to
 expand our church mission as the
 Interim Leadership
 will present a
nd propose a strategic plan for your

            Our Vision
is to reach the people of South Houston with the

    good news about Jesus Christ
              Our Mission is to encourage people to become growing
disciples of Jesus Christ.

    What Can You Do?

    We ask that you carefully read the material included here to gain a basic
     understanding of these ideas.
    We urge that you join us in praying for wisdom and discernment of the Lord's
     will about this plan.
    We ask that you provide constructive input during our discussion time at the
     meeting October 1.

O u r   P r i o r i t i e s

 Worship Together
God Working and Moving within us

 Believing Together

  Reaching Others for Christ

Belong Together
 Sharing Life in Christ

 Grow Together
 Training Disciples to Be Like Jesus

Serve Together
Sharing God's Love to Others

 Pray Together
    Faithfully Seeking God's Will  
        Interim Leadership Team: Michael Barrett, Sandy Borrego,
      Raymond Cardenas, Jeanette Cliett, Carey Froelich, Lupe Gobea,
      Oscar Longoria, Dale Pena, Velma Porraz, Eloisa Renteria, Alix Ruiz

spanish lady 2
                                  Mujeres de la Comunidad,
                        a fellowship of South Houston Women

        This is a ministry to reach out to women in our community to gather
        weekly for fellowship
crafts, a time of devotion, and lunch. The group
        will meet in the fellowship hall at First Baptist Church, South Houston
        on Thursdays at 10 am. Invite others to come with you.

Week of Prayer for Texas Missions  
 Mary Hill Davis Offering
 September 2017

Our church goal is $2,000.00

Your offering strengthens and supports Texas Baptist mission
 opportunities. Give generously.

copyright 2007, First Baptist Church, South Houston