Mission Organizations...

        Women on Mission... pray for and give to missions, do missions, learn about
          missions, grow spiritually toward a missions lifestyle and participate in the ministry of
          the church and denomination.  Women on Missions' purpose is that every person will
          have the opportunity to hear and repond to the gospel.  Their monthly meeting is on the
          last Sunday of the month immediately after the 10:30 am Worship Service. Jeanette Cliett
          is the director of the Women on Mission orgaization.

Youth on Mission...  is an organization for young men and women in grades 7-12
          to help them encounter God, and then learn to live "on-mission" lifestyles with God.
          Youth on Mission students learn to do worthwhile projects in the community. They
          learn about missions 
here and world-wide and they learn to pray for missions at home
          and worldwide. This group meets on the second Sunday of every month at noon.
          Sandy Borrego is the leader.

       GA's (Girls in Action)... for girls in grades 1-6 provides an environment for active
         learning about  missions and helps them to develop leadership skills to engage in missions in
         the local church and neighborhood.  GA's provides fun-filled activities to help the girls learn
         about missionionaries worldwide and how they reach people for Christ. Dawn Alvardo and
         Lisa Forbes lead the GA organization at First Baptist.  The group meets on Wednesday evenings
         from 6 - 7 pm during the school year.
April Mission Study
Taco Crawl
"The Taco Crawl Meal"
 GA Mission Presentation
          Wednesday Prayer Service
      Mission Friends... for babies - kindergarten.  Games, Bible stories, Bible thoughts,
       and stories about Missionaries telling what they do and where they live and work... all teach our
       preschoolers about missions in our country and world-wide each Wednesday evening from 6-7 pm
       during the school year. Denise McPherson teaches Mission Friends (ages 3-kindergarten).

      RA's (Royal Ambassadors)...  an organization for boys in grades 1-6 provides a fun
        environment to teach what missions is all about. They study about missionaries, they learn
        scriptures and do activities to help them become involved in mission outreach in our church and
        community. Raymond Cardenas and Dale Pena lead RA's each Wednesday evenings from 6-7 pm
        during the school year.